in other news, I still don’t bake

These cupcakes are completely fine.

These cupcakes are completely fine.

“Some people” might go around saying, How do you mess up cupcakes?, but I tend to find these are the same pedants likely to say things like, Seriously, how do you mess up boxed cupcake mix? Well, I don’t know, I guess I’m not as talented as you, Mr./Ms. Perfect. I hypothesize it’s either:

(a)   The Peanut oil I substituted for vegetable oil (surely not!)

(b)   The hybrid of half-and-half and eggnog I substituted for milk (all dairy! Can’t be a problem!), or

(c)   Dumping the bag of powder into the eggnog-peanut oil with a flourish, to then realize, oh #%&*, that was the frosting (lookit, packaging labeling was at fault here too) and then having to add the cake mix to the frosting-eggnog (and when does extra sugar go wrong, except medically?).

Sometimes you need to substitute, just like in Cooking, and if Baking can’t handle that I really see that as Baking’s problem. Adaptability is the key to today’s marketplace, Baking, so get with the program (and get a photo up on Linked In, for God’s sake; so amateur around here).

Actually, they tasted alright, but, according to Other Half, “some people” object to scraping cake off the paper wrappers with their teeth, so I GUESS I’m buying cupcakes for the office holiday party. Don’t say I didn’t legitimately try.


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