i wanted to title this post curry me likesa but i restrained myself

I’m  visiting family in Malaysia, and last night we made curry laksa.

Not from scratch. Let’s not get hysterical. I bought a paste from the local Tessco along with coconut milk and fresh longbeans and sprouts and silken tofu (supposed to be firm but I couldn’t find it…or it was there and I can’t read Malay, which is completely possible) and fried tofu and fresh shrimp with heads and long, long antennae and all, which gave my sister-in-law a bit of scare when she pulled them out of the grocery bag expecting produce, not sea aliens. I put my brother on shrimp duty, because I had to do it last summer in a thai cooking class and I wanted to share the wealth, though in fact beheading, deveining, and peeling shrimp might not be like wealth at all and does not appear to improve upon repetition.

No, I mean, I was willing to do it, I just had to get everything else started first and…it worked out that those things took the same amount of time as shrimp duty. It wasn’t a scam, Erik, I swear.

I learned from the thai class not to overdo the coconut milk (blech…it can get way too sweet really fast), so used more water to thin it out and stir-fried the beans, sprouts, shrimp and tofu, then piled them on the noodles in a bowl, poured over the curry sauce and topped with fried tofu and sliced hard boiled eggs.

I think it turned out great! And I am not dissuaded by the fact Erik reminded me afterwards that there are, in fact, a lot of Malaysian restaurants in Malaysia that serve curry laksa and do not wreck your kitchen or require you to spend an hour mangling sea aliens. I feel there’s value in learning how to do that at least once. I’m stocking up on curry laksa paste before I leave.


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